We create Deepfakes,
and AI-generated Art

At ‘Fake It or Leave It’ we use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques
to produce custom deepfake video content and AI-generated art for a variety of brands and television shows.

Our Services

Head Swap

Our head models are used to do a swap of the entire head including the ears and hair. This mehtod will result in credible deepfake in which the facial features are most recognizable. It works best if the targeted face has short hair. 

Face Swap

With the face models we can replace the area that covers the whole face, including the forehead, chin and everything between the ears. This results in a good quality deepfake with blured edges which makes the face fit very well in the destination footage. This works great with many angles.

Aging Filters

We use specific AI tools to make people look older or younger. Give people a mustache or a beard, or make the skin young again without wringkles. The best looking result can be establish with footage that contains no or a little movement. 

Mouth Replacement

With our mouth replacement models we are capable of generating accurate lip movements for static images or videos. The mouth can be generated even if the individual is not actually speaking, as you can see in the example. This can be used to fix lip-sync issues.

Voice Cloning

Introducing our voice cloning services, where technology meets creativity. We specialize in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to clone voices. Whether you’re a content creator, a game developer, or a media production company, we can replicate voices, enabling you to bring characters to life or create personalized voiceover experiences. Unleash the potential of voice cloning with us and unlock a world of limitless possibilities for your projects. 

Generated Art and Animations

With our AI-generated assets, we offer filmmakers, marketers, and digital content creators a fresh and innovative approach. Join us in experiencing the future of art where AI and imagination unite to create the extraordinary.

Our algorithms and machine learning techniques generate groundbreaking artwork, animations, and visuals that transcend conventional boundaries, redefining the possibilities of digital art. 

Our Work

Award winning projects

Dutch Police - VR Surveillance

Bringing back - Frits Philips


Connect With Us

Got an idea brewing? A project that could use a touch of AI generated realism? We’re here to bring your vision to life. Reach out to discuss your needs, share your ideas, or simply explore the endless possibilities of AI with us. Our team is ready to collaborate, innovate, and create something truly extraordinary.

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